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Our Story..

Southside Premium Cigars (SPC) is a family owned and operated business which retails premium and affordable cigars and cigar-inspired products from an intimate, commercial storefront.


Southside Premium Cigars offers a wide variety of cigars from global markets, including South America.

The primary goal of Southside Premium Cigars is to match our cigar inventory with our customer base. Southside Premium Cigars will always provide education on its product lines and accessories.

Who We Are...

SP Cigars is owned by a husband and wife team who are committed to providing an authentic, yet specialized, premium cigar experience through the creation of customer-focused education and experiences. Southside Premium cigars was inspired by memories of our beloved Grandfather James' love of cigars in the 1970s. Through our shared passion for the leaf and the fellowship that accompanies this culture, this venture was created.

The Mission: Southside Premium Cigars will provide an atmosphere where customers may come and select affordable premium cigars in an intimate retail ambience. We thrive to create a cigar friendly climate for a diverse consumer base.

The Vision: Southside Premium Cigars will provide a variety of premium affordable cigar products and related accessories through a pressure-free retail atmosphere. SPC will make available a culturally historic cigar experience through our inventory and special cigar events.

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